By-Laws of the Bonney-Read Krewe


This organization is known as The Bonney-Read Krewe. Named after the real-life women pirates Anne Bonney and Mary Read, the Krewe was formed by the members of the Hyde Park Women’s Club, which was founded in June 1994. It is a director- controlled social non-profit, established to bring professional women together for the purpose of having fun. The Directors are Carol Ferguson, Camille Matthews and Joan King.



The Bonney-Read Krewe is composed of “women of spirit and wit.” The objectives of this group are purely social.



Our Krewe symbols include an adaptation of Calico Jack’s pirate flag, with two skulls above crossed swords, and an insignia showing Anne Bonney and Mary Read with crossed swords.


Our motto is Women of Spirit and Wit.


The Krewe is also known as The Pirate Queens and Sisters of the Sword.


  1. Membership is by invitation only.

  2. Membership is limited to 75 active members: 50 local members and 25 out-of-town members.

  3. A member must be active with the Krewe for three (3) years before introducing a prospect for membership consideration.

  4. Members will decide on each prospect at the August meeting, and new members will be presented at the September meeting.

  5. Each active member may sponsor a Grogmaster, who participates at the discretion of the Krewe and his sponsoring member.

  6. Members and Grogmasters will be held to a high code of conduct while they are representing the Krewe, whether in or out of costume. Any serious infraction may result in immediate termination of membership. Final determination will be made by the Executive Board.


  1. Active member: An active member can participate in any Krewe activity (parades, parties, and other functions), receives newsletters and all mailings, has full voting privileges, and can sponsor new members.

  2. Inactive member: Inactive status can be granted only to once-active members. An inactive member remains on the membership roster, receives newsletters and other mailings, and can participate in parties and other social functions. She cannot participate in parades, vote, or sponsor new members. She may rejoin as an active member by paying a re-initiation fee plus active dues.

  3. Grogmaster Auxiliary: Grogmasters are not members of the Krewe; they participate at the discretion of the Krewe and their sponsoring members. Only a spouse, a significant other, or a male friend of an active Krewe member is eligible for Grogmaster status. Grogmasters can participate in any Krewe social activities, including parades.  


  1. Monthly members-only meetings will be held from August through March at the homes of members or other agreed-upon locations to discuss and decide on matters concerning the operations and activities of the Krewe. Notices and reminders of each meeting will be emailed to each member in good standing.

  2. Social functions will be scheduled between April and July, in lieu of regular meetings, to offer opportunities for members to introduce prospects to other Krewe members. Prospects will be considered for membership during the August meeting and new members will be formally welcomed at the September meeting. 

  3. The members present at any scheduled meeting will constitute a quorum.

  4. All issues to be voted on shall be decided by a simple majority of those present at the meeting in which the vote takes place.


If an immediate action needs to be taken, it will be done by the Executive Board.


The Executive Board is composed of the three Directors and two appointed advisory positions. The Board is responsible for over-all policy and direction of the Krewe and will meet as necessary.


The Executive Board may create committees as needed (e.g., parade sponsorship, pre- and post-parade activities, social events, etc.) and appoint all committee chairs.


Each local member agrees to serve on at least one standing or ad-hoc committee. New in-town members will be assigned to a committee. Out-of-town members are encouraged to participate as time and distance allow. 


These by-laws may be amended by the Executive Board or if requested by the Executive Board a two-thirds vote of all active members present at a regular meeting or a special meeting called for that purpose.


These by-laws of the Bonney-Read Krewe are current and approved for distribution in August 2016.

Carol A. Ferguson, President                                     Camille Matthews, Vice-President

Rev: Sept 2018