Uniform Information 

Krewe Members

Blouse:  Any solid white blouse that looks “piratey”: long-sleeved, short-sleeved, or off the shoulder, with large ruffles at the neckline or low-cut and gathered – it’s up to your individual taste.


Pants:  A pair of solid black capri pants that end three inches below your knee, which can be  loose or tight. You can also make your own  gathered hem with elastic.


Cape:  Our capes are made of a light-weight black doeskin or suede-cloth type fabric for one side of the cape and your choice of fabric and color for the other side. We encourage you to make it bright and glitzy, but be aware that fabric with loose threads may not be durable. The cape should be knee length and have long ties at the neck to allow you the option of tying it behind your back or at your neck.

Fabric needed for both cape and lining: 36-inch fabric: 4 ½ yards; 45-inch fabric: 3 ½ yards.

Purchase your fabric at Joanne’s (discount coupons available) or any fabric store of your choosing.

Seamstress: you can make your own (McCall pattern M8225) 


Shoes:  Black suede or leather slip-on shoes with thick, skid-proof soles are recommended for comfort and safety. Black boots are acceptable in any length as long as our trademark white stockings are clearly visible between the top of the boot and the bottom of the black capris. Any heel height is okay. 

Stockings:  Full-length, thigh-high or knee-high opaque solid white tights with lycra – plain white, not shiny, sheer, or metallic, and no designs. Walmart and Macys have full-length white tights and opaque white knee-highs, sometimes described as “trouser socks.” These are a better choice for a hot-weather parade.  Make sure the top of the knee-highs do not show below the hem of your pants.


Hat:  Our hats are black with very wide, wired brims, with your choice of colors for the under-brim fabric and the feathers, and your choice of gold or silver for the trim. Attach ties or ribbons inside your hat to hold it on during high-wind parade days. And make sure your feathers are curled up or down - if they are straight they'll hit everyone within three feet of you. 

Fabric needed: 1  yard of colored sturdy fabric that can match your cape (or not!) and three or four large feathers. 

Seamstress: For new or upgraded hats, see uniform resource page. 


Bead Bag:  We carry our beads in a special-order bag embroidered with the Bonney-Read logo and your name. They are easy to stow onboard and help you keep track of your beads and other stuff before, during and after the parades.  Each new member and Grog receives a bead bag as part of our “new pirate starter kit," and replacement bags can be ordered. No other bead bags or boxes can be used on the float because they clog the flow of traffic.

Important: Capes and hats MUST be worn during the parades, unless weather conditions (such as extreme heat, rain, or high winds) dictate otherwise.


Beads:  can be purchased at various places in Tampa or ordered by email to be shipped to your home. We usually throw at least 3 gross (33” or longer, 7mm) per person during the Gasparilla Day Parade and at least 2 gross for each of the other parades. You’ll probably want to purchase some fancier, more expensive beads to wear and trade with others during the parades. We have Bonney-Read medallions, which are the premium trading item among krewes. Buccaneer Beads has provided us with a lead-free certificate, which must be provided by every bead vendor (if you get your beads somewhere other than Buccaneer Beads, get a lead-free certificate.)

Grog Masters

Shirt:  A solid white, piratey-looking, long-sleeved shirt.   


Pants:  Black pants or dark black jeans.


Cape:  The same as the Bonney-Read cape, cut larger/longer/whatever to fit.


Shoes:  Piratey boots or solid black shoes with pirate boot covers. Boot covers can be purchased at Buccaneer Bead.


Hat:  A black pirate hat  can be purchased and decorated with your choice of trim and feathers. The hat is called a “Musketeer Hat" (Not a Tricorn hat). Just make sure the feathers are curled up or down!  If a Grog wears a pirate wig, he can wear a scarf over the wig instead of a hat.


Bead Bag:  Included in "new grog starter kit" - see info under Krewe member section.


Important: Capes and hats/scarves must be worn during the parades, unless weather conditions (such as extreme heat, rain, or high winds) dictate otherwise.

Optional Components for Krewe Members and Grogs

Sleeveless Vest:  This is optional, but most members and Grogs wear them. Simple or lavishly decorated, leather or silk or sequins – it’s up to you. No jackets with sleeves are allowed.


Bag/Purse:  For carrying necessities. See Camille to purchase a krewe logo purse or cell phone pouch.


Belt or sash:  Good for stashing your sword when not in use. There are also belts available with grommets along the length for carrying beads. 


Jewelry:  Piratey earrings, bracelets, and rings – the larger, flashier, and more jingly, the better – even for the Grogs! (See our great-looking Bonney-Read logo jewelry for $20 a piece!)


Swords:  Our signature bead-slinging swords can be purchased for $4 each from Camille. Order several because they can break easily, especially when you’re developing your own style!


Miscellaneous:  Order Bonney-Read Krewe booty from Camille, using the official order form and pre-paying. A number of great items are available, including jewelry, temporary tattoos, hands-free drink holders, and more. View the selection in the shop here at www.bonney-readkrewe.com or email bonneyread@yahoo.com

Rev: Aug 2020