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Founded in 1994, the Bonney-Read Krewe started participating in Gasparilla and Sant' Yago Knight parades in 1995.

The Krewe evolved from the Hyde Park Women's Club and was founded by Camille Matthews, Carol Ferguson

and Linda Will.

In addition to regularly participating in Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla's Children's Parade and Day Parade, the Sant' Yago Knight Parade and The Rough Rider's St. Patrick's Parade, the Krewe has also participated in Key West's Fantasy Fest Parade and the Cayman Islands'

Pirate Festival.


Our costumes reflect the manner in which Anne and Mary dressed to disguise themselves as men: plumed hats, reversible black capes with brilliantly colored linings, pirate blouses, colorful vests and sashes, black pants cut below the knee, white stockings, and black shoes.


Our long swords are essential to our trademark bead-tossing technique to reach parade-goers in the back of the crowds, in second- and third-story windows, and on overhead bridges.

The Krewe's logo is an adaptation of the pirate flag Anne and Mary fought under, Jack Rackham's crossed swords and skull.


Small by most standards, our Krewe has only sixty members -- all professional women, all "women of spirit and wit." We are also known as Sisters of the Sword and the Pirate Queens.

The members are served by a men's auxiliary of husbands and significant others, suitably named "Grogmasters".

A closed Krewe, we add only a small number of new members each year ‚ all close friends of existing members.


All Videos

All Videos

Click above for 2023 Gasparilla Parade Video  - Click below for 2015 Gasparilla Parade with the Bonney-Read Krewe

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